A Gift Of Giving Of Giving A Gift

The foundation of an angel lives inside each of us.  Recently, a woman was given a gift of giving a gift of giving.

When she and her husband realized that the huge mess in their home was a bunch of items that their family no longer needed, they decided to have a garage sale.  The woman set out a few of their items, put up their signs to direct traffic and waited.  As each car drove up, only a few stopped for the items that had been set out. When the woman was asked the cost  of an item, she replied “Whatever you think it is worth?”.

The persons that found a value for the items they selected, paid the woman and went on their way. As they each walked back to their vehicle, they were approached by the woman’s son.  “This is for you”, the young boy replied as he handed them a clear bag with the money they had spent along with a card with this foundation logo and the saying “a gift of giving a gift”. At first, the individuals were set back with confusion and couldn’t understand what just happened.  Once they realized what was going on they went on their way with smiles and warm hearts.

This story is just one of many that show us how each of us can love as an angel would.  When a person is no longer in need of an item and instead of selling it for money a value greater than money can be taught. They can find a person who will continue to see value in the item.  Allowing them to find its value and sharing it with them as a gift through giving.

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