805 12242012 (Star Date)

If you right now at this very moment truly believed that there is only good in the hearts of man, woman and child. You live in UTOPIA. A world of unbound knowledge and perfect harmony of spirits. Utopia. Heaven on earth. Atlantis.  UTOPIA is already among us, a part of each of us. I see it, do you want to?

Like a child, keep it simple. Here we go…

There are three key pieces to the puzzle of our own reflection. Who are we? Where do we come from?

We are all individuals of individuals. One Mother. One Father. One Child. Together we make infinity. One diamond on diamond. One sideways square. One triangle reflecting.  We make the mountains, the sky,  the waters, the sun. Air, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Our mind is our creation of our mind. What we see. What we do. What we think. We create our Past, Present and Future in the now.

Three sides of a triangle,   1+1=2     1+2=3  , a Golden Ratio continues. It is natural of nature to nurture.  One source of the equation plus one solution equals a new equation.    2+3=5     3+8=11 , we continue the equation by continuing to do one to the other as we did to the one before. We are what I call NOW. gOldeN pOWer  An old golden power is on. Your gift. Your presence. Your first sense. A sixth sense.  Each sense we learn as we develop.  As we grow our senses and those of our family, mind our minds.  What goes in through our senses, to create our presence, reflects.  Fear of your senses keeps you from the truths. Be conscious to what reflections you make of mankind.

Woman and Man complete each other. When wO and Man come together they make mankind. Together they create om. OM. Your home. A reflection of each other. Creation of a four sided triangle. Wellness + Wealth + Mind = Family A reflection of this triangle creates a diamond. A square. Continue the equation and SEE a circle reflecting a circle of vision, a ribbon of infinity. A Flowing  reflection. Reactions to actions.

Your family is all who are around you. Those in your thoughts, your memories. Those in your heart, your feelings.  Those you see, touch, smell, hear, taste with your senses. To feed the world, you feed your family. To teach the world, teach your family. To love the world, love your family. The world is smaller when you believe in family.

A flowing ring of angels.  Our angels are our elements. Elements are a family tree to the stars. Our world is made up of our elements. You are a star twinkling in the reflection of our own mind and the world your have created by your senses.  Your imagination is powerful. Your imagination is knowledge.  Fill your imagination with reflections of light.  Light reflects in darkness if you are looking for it.


Congratulations!  You’ve found Balance and earned your Badge of Wisdom.

The Circle of Wisdom: A Four Sided Triangle of Balance

We are of one source, one family. You are
present to this family and you are a gift
to the world.

Spread your holiday cheer throughout the
year by sharing what inspires you.

Wishing you well.

Your Life Balance Source